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Kashmir Welfare And Research Turst. (KWRT)

Promoting Human Rights And Welfare  


From: "rajakhalid khan2000" <rajakhalidkhan2000@hotmail.com>
To: chakmal71@yahoo.com
Subject: donate the poor and needy peoples
Date: Fri, 02 Dec 2005 18:26:54 +0000

how r u dear ch,akmal sb,
                                    hope u r fine.i have read all information about urs welfare trust.i 
                                    appreciat to u that u
                                    taken a  good step for the humanity,u know the recent situation of azad 
                                    kashmir and
                                    other region.bagh ,muzaffrabad ,rawalkot and balakot are affected 
                                    areas.i am 
                                    raja khalid
                                    from dhir kot bagh azad kashmir.i have already contat with u.now in our 
                                    village there is
                                    too much cold. in cold summer the  peoples have no houses ,they need 
                                    i have already told u that we need jasti chader for making the shed .
                                    now here is forty houses in my village they no houses.now they are 
                                    living in 
                                    in cold we need jasti chader very soon .u provide us as soon as 
                                    we will be thankful to urs great kindness for this work.please solve 
                                    problem of
                                    poor and needy peoples.the God will give the reward to u to urs deeds.
                                    i shall touch with u .
                                    thanks dear.
                                    i see u again .                                     yours sincere,
                                                                                        raja khalid khan
                                                                                        dhir kot bagh azad 

You can direct contact to the earthquake effictie on the following address.
Raja Khalid Khan , P/O & Tehsil: Dheer Kot, Distt. Bagh, Azad Kashmir, Pakistan,
Tel: +92-321-5008902, e-mail: rajakhalidkhan2000@hotmail.com